What is Open on Victoria Day Weekend

193 Bench KitchenClosed
Aberdeen Tavern10am-3pm Brunch
5pm-10pm Dinner
Amo Gelato1pm-9pm
Arcade8pm - 2am
Ark & AnchorClosed
Baranga's1130am - 10pm
Bean BarRegular hours
Bitten on LockeClosed
Boon Burger11am - 9pm
Born and Raised4pm - Late
Brux HouseClosed
Burnt Tongue (Cannon)Closed
Burnt Tongue (Locke)Closed
Cafe BafficoClosed
Cafe LimoncelloClosed
Cafe OranjeClosed
Cake and Loaf (Dundurn)Closed
Charred11am - 9pm
Cherry Birch GeneralClosed
Chocolat on James11am - 8pm
Collective Arts11am - 9pm
Crumbled12pm - 5pm
Democracy730am - 9pm
Donut Monster10am - 6pm
DoughboxRegular hours
Doughboy9am - 4pm
Dundurn Market8am - 4pm
Durand CoffeeClosed
Dyments Farm9am - 5pm
Emerald Coffee9am - 3pm
Grain & Grit12pm - 5pm
Greek Palace3pm - Close
Green Bar (James)8am - 8pm
Green Bar (Locke)9am - 7pm
Hambrgr11am - 10pm
Hamilton Farmers MarketClosed
Harbour Diner8am - 2pm
Hearty Hooligan11am - 8pm
Hello Baked11am - 3pm
Hui Lau Shan (Mango Dessert)Regular hours
Lick the WhiskClosed
Limani at Fifty12pm - 9pm
Lotus & the Bee10am - 4pm
Lotus Thai & Vietnamese12pm - 8pm
Lou Dawg's1130am - 12am
Maria's Tortas JaliscoRegular hours
Merit Brewing12pm - 10pm
Montfort Grill (Upper James)11am - 11pm
Montfort Grill (Waterdown)11am - 10pm
Moodys4pm - 12am
Mosaic3pm - 9pm
Motel10am - 2pm
Oko BagelsClosed
Old Bagel House9am - 4pm
Onezo Tapioca1130am - 11pm
Panini & Ice CreamRegular hours
Paper CraneClosed
Phin Coffee BarClosed
Purple PonyClosed
Rad Pizza11am - 10pm
Redchurch CafeClosed
Saltlick11am - 10pm
Salty Espresso9am - 3pm
Shorty's Pizza11am - 11pm
Smalls CoffeeClosed
St. James9am - 3pm
Steeltown GarageClosed
Sweet paradiseClosed
Tall Tree Sandwich CoClosed
Taylor's tearoomClosed
The Diplomat5pm - 10pm
The French10am - 3pm Brunch
The Mule1130am - 2am
The Ship1130am - 2am
Toma La (Trinity)Closed
Toma La (Upper James)Closed
Valentino's11am - 9pm
West Avenue Cider House12pm - 6pm