Delivery / Take Out in Hamilton during COVID-19

As of March 17th, every restaurant, bar and cafe has been asked to do their part in flattening the curve by limiting interactions to delivery / take out only. This has impacted our friends owning businesses in Hamilton in ways that I can’t even describe.

This page has been, and continues to be, an avid supporter of local businesses in Hamilton. I will dedicate this time to share special announcements, including home deliveries and take out options.

We are all in this together. Let’s support each other during this uncertain time while we stay safe!

*Always keep in mind that third party delivery services take a big fee from the restaurants. A lot of local places are and will have social distancing in mind for take out / pick up services*

If the information is incorrect or if I am missing any place, please contact me through submit form beside or email me at

The list will be updated multiple times a day.
**Hours of local businesses might change.

BUSINESSTake OutHome Delivery
193 Bench KitchenNoYes - Free home delivery on Tue, Thur and Sun 10am-12pm. Order needs to be in 48 hrs before min $20. Menu on IG
541 BartonYes - Handing out lunches!No
1101 Cafe BarClosedClosed
Aberdeen TavernYes - automatic 15% off, Wed-Sat 5-8pmYes - Free home delivery Wed-Sat 3-4pm, order the night before on website, automatic 15% off
Ajio SushiYes - Call for take outNo
AmigosYes - 4-10pmYes - 3rd party 4-10pm
Ark & AnchorClosedNo
August 8ClosedClosed
Baci RistoranteClosedClosed
Bar SazeracClosedClosed
Berkeley NorthYesYes - 3rd party
BetulaYes - Limited hoursYes - 3rd party
Bitten on LockeClosedClosed
Black Forest InnClosedClosed
Bliss GelatoYes - test orders served curbsideYes - 3rd party
Boon BurgerYesYes - 3rd party
Born and RaisedClosedClosed
Bread Bar JamesClosedClosed
Bread Bar LockeYes - Mon-Sun Coffee 930am Takeout 1130am-8pmYes - 3rd party
Brewers Blackbird Kitchen & BreweryYes - Mon-Sat 2-7pmYes - Mon-Sat 2-7pm, In house,
Broadway DinerClosedClosed
Brother's Grimm BistroClosedClosed
Brux HouseClosedClosed
Burnt Tongue ClosedYes - free home delivery
Cafe BafficoYes - 9am - 2pm/ 5pm - 8pmNo
Cafe LimoncelloClosedClosed
Cafe OranjeClosedClosed
Cake and LoafClosedYes - Easter items available for delivery through Crumbled
Cannon CoffeeYes - Mon-Fri 9am - 12pmNo
Capitol BarYes - 5pm - 9pmNo
Carmen'sYesYes from March 27th - doorstep delivery or pick up your items in the parking area of Carmen’s Banquet Centre (will load directly into the cargo area of your vehicle)
CaroYes - 4-9pmYes - 4-9pm Call to order
Castelli CucinaClosedClosed
Cat n FiddleClosedClosed
Cavallo NeroYes - Thu to Sun 4pm-7pm No
CharredYesYes - 3rd party
Cherry Birch GeneralYes - Tue-Sat 9am-2pm, Take Out & Curbside pick upYes - starts at 3pm Tue-Sat
Chocolat on JamesYesYes - Free home delivery of care packages or any order over $50
Clifford BreweryYesNo
Collective ArtsYesYes - Doorstep Delivery
Coven MarketplaceYes - curbside pick upYes
CrumbledYesYes - 3rd party, also offering Cake and loaf items
Curbside GrillYesYes - 3rd party
D's CafeYes - Call to orderNo
Darling DonutYesYes - free delivery over $50
Detour CafeClosedClosed
Dirty SouthYes - Curbside PickupYes - Call 289-389-7990
Domiziano CafeYes Yes - in house delivery
Donut MonsterClosedClosed
DoughboxYes - 12pm - 8pmYes - free delivery through 3rd party 12-8pm
Dundurn MarketYesYes
Durand CoffeeYes Mon-Fri 7am-3pm Sat-Sun 8am-3pmNo
Easterbrook HotdogsYesYes - 3rd party
Electric DinerYes - 12pm - 8pmYes - 3rd party
Emerald CoffeeClosedClosed
Fairweather BreweryClosedClosed
Frat's CucinaClosedClosed
French Revolution BakeryYes - Tues - Fri 10am - 4pmYes - Only to those in need of assistance or restrictions in Dundas
Fresh KravingsYesYes - 3rd party
Gown and GavelYes - call-in front door pickupYes - 3rd party
Grain & GritClosedClosed
Grandad's DonutsYesStay tuned
Green BarYes - 10am - 6pm, closed on Sunday, 50% off to any first responders / front line staffYes - 3rd party
HambrgrYes - King William location only. Phone in or walk in take outs. 1130 to 9pmYes - 3rd party
Hamilton Meat Pie Co.Yes - "Drive up service" or take a look at our selection for pickupYes - 3rd party everyday & home delivery on Tuesdays and Thursdays
HammerheadsYes - 12-7pm, closing at 8pm on FridayYes - 3rd party
Harry’s Fish and ChipsYesYes - 3rd party
Heal CafeYesYes - 3rd party
Hearty HooliganYesYes - 3rd party
Hello BakedClosedYes
Hotti BiscottiClosedYes - Free porch delivery over $50
Hui Lau Shan (Mango Dessert)YesYes - 3rd party
India VillageYesYes - 3rd party
IOS Estiatorio & Wine BarYes 11am-8pm / 7 days a weekNo
Jack Astor'sYesYes - 3rd party
James Ville MarketYes - Special pricing (pizza slice $5, slab $30)No
Jan BingoClosedClosed
Kamoosh BistroClosedClosed
Kelly's Bake ShoppeClosedClosed
Kelsey's AncasterYesYes - 3rd party
La BakeriClosedClosed
La PiazzaClosedClosed
Liu Liu Hot PotNoStay Tuned - 3rd party
Lone StarYesYes - 3rd party, free over $30
Lotos Bar & GrillYesYes - 3rd party
Lotus Thai & VietnameseYes - Thu-Sat 3-8pmYes - In house within 5km
Lou Dawg'sYes - 12pm - 8pmYes - 3rd party
Lulu's ShawarmaClosedClosed
Mai PaiYesClosed
Mancala MonkYes - Thurs 4-9pm / Fri-Sun 12-9pm,Buy or rent board games. Food & Drink take out No
Maria's Tortas JaliscoClosedClosed
Mattina PizzariaYesYes
Mattson & CoClosedClosed
Memphis Fire BBQYes - Curbside pick up Tue-SunNo
Merit BrewingYesYes - free delivery within Hamilton, use code HAMONT with orders of 9+ bottles
MezcalYes - Wed-Sun 4-9pmNo
MoodysClosedYes - 3rd party
MotelYes - 11am - 4pmYes - 3rd party
Mulberry CoffeehouseClosedClosed
Munchie's Coffee House & BakeryYesYes
Mustard Seed Co-op.Yes
My Dog's Cafe & BarClosedClosed
My SweeTooth BakeryNoYes - 3rd party
My Thai John StClosedCclosed
NamuYes - Tue-Sat 5-9pmNo
NannaaYesYes - 3rd party
NaRa Mediterranean CuisineYesYes - 3rd party
National PizzaNoYes - Thu-Sat 4-11pm in house and 3rd party
Noodle MeYesYes - 3rd party
Odds BarYesYes - 3rd party
Oko BagelsClosedClosed
Old Bagel HouseYesYes - 3rd party
One DukeYesYes - 3rd party
Onezo TapiocaYesYes - 3rd party
Osten Beer HallClosedClosed
Paisley CoffeeClosedClosed
Pane Del SoleClosedClosed
Panini & Ice CreamYesNo
Papa Leo'sClosedClosed
Pete and Kay DinerClosedClosed
Phin Coffee BarYes - Thu-Fri 10am-4pmNo
Pho HamiltonClosedClosed
Pi Co.YesYes - 3rd party
PintohYes - Tues - Sun 3pm - 8pmYes - 3rd party
Planted in HamiltonYes - 12pm - 7pmYes - 3rd party
Poke CoYes - 11-8pm Call or 3rd partyYes - 3rd party
RadiusYes - Tue- Sat 4-9pmNo
Redchurch CafeClosedClosed
Relay CoffeeClosedYes - free delivery of retail coffee with code: HAMONT if ordering a couple lbs
Roma BakeryClosedClosed
RonysClosedYes - prepped, portioned non-cooked packages available and free delivery over $30
RugatinoNoYes - 3rd party
Rustic ReubenYesYes
Sagarmatha Curry PalaceYesYes - 3rd party
SaltlickYesYes - 3rd party
Salty EspressoYes - 10am-3pm
SappporoYesYes - 3rd party
Sasso PizzaClosedClosed
Scout CaffeYesYes
Shawn & Ed BreweryYes - 12pm - 7pmYes - curb-side delivery
Shorty's PizzaYes - 3pm-9pmYes - 3rd party
Shy's PlaceClosedClosed
Side Door BarClosedClosed
Simply Italian BakeryYes - Wed-Sun 12-6pmYes - Free home delivery Thu-Sat 1-4pm. Min $35
Smalls CoffeeClosedClosed
St. JamesYes - *temporarily closed reopening midweek* 930am-3pmYes - 3rd party
Steeltown GarageClosedClosed
Szechuan Noodle BowlYesYes - 3rd party
Tall Tree Sandwich CoClosedClosed
Taylor's tearoomNoYes - Wed-Sat. Call to order
Tea at the White HouseNoYes - Grocery Home Delivery (Free for over $100) order on their website or 3rd party
The CoopYesYes - 3rd party
The DiplomatClosedClosed
The FrenchClosed
The MuleYes - 12-9pm 7 days a week, No individual tacosYes - 3rd party
The PigeonYes - pre-order via email onlyNo
The PowerhouseYesYes
The ShipClosedClosed
Thirsty CactusYesYes - No touch delivery. Dropped on your front porch
Toast Wine BarYes - Pre-order meats & cheeseClosed
Toma La (Trinity)YesYes - 3rd party
Trueshot CoffeeClosedClosed
Turtle Jack (Upper Centennial)Yes - 4pm - 8pmYes - 3rd party
Turtle Jacks Upper CentennialYesYes - Call in delivery 4-830pm and 3rd party
Uncle Ray'sClosedClosed
Uno MasClosedClosed
Vintage CoffeeClosedYes - retail coffee/ giftcards
Ward IVStay tunedNo
Waterdown Tea HouseClosedClosed
West Town Bar & GrillClosedClosed
Wild OrchidClosedClosed
  • Melissa santos March 18, 2020

    Just wanted to inform you that heal cafe on concession is also open for takeout as well as delivery through skip , Uber & door dash .

  • Alicia J March 18, 2020

    I believe The Pigeon is actually closed, as per their Instagram page.

    • tastehamont March 19, 2020

      Thank you! Corrected!

  • Paulina March 18, 2020

    Lotos Bar & Grill in Stoney Creek is open for takeout, and delivery through UberEats, SkipTheDishes and DoorDash

  • Hala March 19, 2020

    NaRa Mediterranean Cuisine at Soby’s Plaza is opened for takeout, pick up and skip the dishes.

  • Jerome Skara March 19, 2020

    Just to let our Hamilton Family know, we are open daily via Skip the Dishes and call-in front door pickup only!
    Stay safe, healthy, and kind to one another please!
    The Gown and Gavel Family

  • Merve Sanlar March 20, 2020

    Fresh Kravings is also available for take out and delivery through Ubereats, Skip the dishes & Ritual!

    Thank you!
    Stay safe & healthy!

  • Al March 20, 2020

    The Powerhouse is doing pick up and delivery

  • Marie March 20, 2020

    Ancaster and Eastgate Jack Astor’s are open for take out and 3rd party delivery as well!

  • Kay March 20, 2020

    Thank you for compiling all this info! We ordered from Pho Dui Bo (Upper James) this evening via UberEats. Berkley North says they do home deliveries via UberEats according to their Instagram post, but I couldn’t find them on UberEats, and no answer when I called them.

  • Anonymous March 21, 2020

    Pane del Sole should be one this list. They have hot food and staples such as milk/bread/eggs etc.

  • Alice March 21, 2020

    Ajio sushi (Korean &Japanese) in downtown is open for takeout order by call. I got Korean food from there yesterday that was nice!

  • Carolyn March 22, 2020

    Tomah on Queen is thinking of opening for takeout and delivery. Collective Arts will deliver 24 beer for a $4.99 delivery fee.

  • Meriam admon March 22, 2020

    Hi we are restaurant on centennial pkwy in Stoney creek we offer pick up and delivery

  • KC March 22, 2020

    Memphis Fire BBQ has curbside pickup Tuesday to Sunday

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