TasteHamOnt was born on Instagram in May 2015. Ever since, it's grown to be the ultimate guide for your food and drink adventures in Hamilton and surrounding areas. With Hamilton quickly establishing itself as a must-visit food destination, TasteHamOnt wanted to go beyond mouth-watering pictures on Instagram to creating a website to help you get to the bottom of the age-old, sometimes relationship-testing question, "so...what do you want to eat tonight?" And so, tastehamont.com was born.


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About Us

Jen Shin

There is no ice cream cone too high, no price point too low, no burger too wide that Jen hasn't conquered. From the mom-and-pops and old favourites to the new, her mission is to provide as candid and unbiased information as possible so you can let your tastes guide you.

This website is her baby and although she won't pick favourites, it does come second to her food babies. Combining her love for food, technology and data, her vision for tastehamont.com is to make the ever-growing food options in the city easier to discover.

Armed with her camera in one hand and some sort of food in the other, she's not afraid to ride the cusp of hot food getting cold to get that perfect shot. The Hamilton food scene is her playground and the adventure has only begun.

Tessa Kruger

Tessa is a web designer & developer with a strong affinity for cheese and coffee (usually not at the same time).

From graphic design to building apps from scratch, she revels in the challenge to find simple solutions to interesting problems. So, when Jen presented her unique idea for a website, along with a promise of ice cream and lobster fondue, it was a no-brainer for her to jump on board and so she set forth to build tastehamont.com true to Jen's vision.

Although not a full-fledged foodie herself, she is the most patient burger holder, the best slow motion egg yolk cutter, and most passionate melted cheese pull aparter around. She's the best friend and partner a foodie could ask for. And she's available for hire (for web design/dev projects, not cheese pulling).